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This wiki is a safe haven for anyone who is seeking a safe place to be themselves and not be judged on their sexual orientation. A place where you can ask questions, hear from others their experiences, and just know that you are in a group of users who understand where you are coming from and are not here to judge.

About Us

What we're about

Project LGBT (also known as Project Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender) is non-profit organization founded by User:Orbstar, and co-founded by User:BachLynn23 and User:Iceclaw100. The purpose of the project is to create a safe community where kids and teenagers can feel comfortable to talk about their sexuality.

Our goals

  • To create a safe community where kids and teenagers can feel comfortable talking about their sexuality.
  • To raise disscussion about LGBT rights and issues
  • To help kids feel more comfortable about coming out of the closet in their household or school
  • To protest the no gay marriage law in over 30 U.S. states
  • To help kids feel more comfortable about being L/G/B/T in their household

Message from our Founder

Hi, my name is Orbstar, and I come from a town where gay's aren't accepted a lot. Thats why I created this project, to raise awareness on this issue and change the views of many people in town's like where I live. I hope that someday this project will expand beyond Wikia and change the lives of many kids and young adults who are questioning or homosexual. You can show your support for this project by signing your name under 'Members of the project' on the About us page here.


Live! Chat


The following is a list of users that currently work at Project LGBT:

  1. Orbstar (founder)
  2. BachLynn23 (co-founder)
  3. Iceclaw100 (co-founder)
  4. ItsjustJake (Awesome Supporter)

On-going Projects
  1. Community corner - A safe place where kids and teenagers can promote talk and disscussion, and share their stories related to the LGBT rights movement.
  2. More to come...


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